What Is Your Superhero Name and Talent?


This week has been rough. My son had that lovely bug going around where your temperature reaches “scare the crap out of mom” heights. Being that we just went through this last week with my husband I knew it had to run its course but that didn’t ease my mind as I looked at a 103 temperature at 6 am. Then as I reread my post one last time my daughter begins her fight with the stomach bug. Let round three of sickness begin.

During these times, we are mommy heroes. We run down to get the cold rag. We are overly checking their heads every 15 minutes. We are willing to cook for them, feed them and do pretty much anything to make them feel better. Oddly enough we don’t tend to see ourselves as heroes until someone points out that you are the most important superhero in your child’s life.

This past Sunday I had the privilege of helping watch toddlers while parents attended a class at church. My son was sick, my husband was holding the superhero fort down and I was putting on my other hat.

While playing with the kids I asked a boy what his superhero name would be. He responded with Incredible Hulk. Then on to the next kid and she said her own name. Then next up a child who combined her name with a strength of jumping like a kangaroo. Then the last one I asked picked a totally unrelated name to theirs and also not a known superhero.

I pondered this later and wondered what each child might feel as they answered that question or how I might interrupt the responses.

  1. Incredible Hulk=learn from others what it means to be a superhero.
  2. Actual Name=I know I am wonderfully made by God and I am a superhero.
  3. Actual Name + Strength=Talents and strengths combined with being wonderfully made by God makes me a superhero.
  4. New Name=There is more out there to discover in me that no celebrity superhero or strength will teach. Only God knows the purpose and the direction of my superhero journey.

We all are superheroes. We all utilize different parts of our superhero abilities depending on the situation at the moment. A while back I wrote a post on having first impressions as a superhero power. Having this ability can help immensely with teamwork dynamic. It can also help out when you are trying to evaluate your children’s friend selections. Although you can’t rely on this 100%, if this is your skill put on your cape and wear it proudly. You may have the ability to see small changes in others. You may have the ability to build. You may have the ability to lead. You may have the ability to protect. There is a superhero in all of us.

What is your superhero name? What talent or strength do you have that could help others? And just for fun did you find the superhero word that was left unbolded or any others I missed?

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