4 Steps To Move You Towards Your Goal.


Did you know it is March? No, you are still stuck in January? Well, me too and that is okay. This week I took my first step towards my “real” goal.

You ever wonder why we think if we don’t start our goals in January and stay on track all year well then we will just have to drift along and wait until next year to start?  We might not consciously do this but typically this is what happens. Well, not this year. I won’t let it happen, will you?

So what step did I take? Well, I decided to sign up for a self-hosted WordPress blog. I followed the very simple tutorial video Michael Hyatt put together and you can check it out here.

Why do you ask? Well, I want to start getting serious about my blog and if I am paying for it and able to make changes and improvements myself most likely I will stay a little more on track with where I want it to go. I also signed up for Elite Blogging Academy and can’t move forward without taking this step first.

My next step is to figure out how to move my free WordPress posts over to my new Self-Hosted WordPress site. I would love direction from anyone out there who can send me a video or step by step on how to do this. I can do some digging myself but I would bet a more experienced blogger out there already knows the perfect place to check it out.

I also started reading Living Forward by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy. Can you tell I like Michael Hyatt? His blogs, podcasts and video tutorials have really guided me through this entire blogging process. In this new book, they help you figure out how to “create a simple but effective life plan” and you should definitely check it out.

In summary, it wasn’t just one step but it was the one step that built momentum up to keep me going.

  1. Step One: Take one step, it is never too late to start a new goal.
  2. Step Two: Seek guidance from experts to help you take your next step.
  3. Step Three: When you are stuck ask others for help.
  4. Step Four: Create a Life Plan to ensure your goal fits within it.
    1. For some, you may want to do this first but for me, I needed a little boost to take that first step to get my momentum going.

What other steps do you take to work towards your goals?

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