Question Wednesday 1: Strengths

Beautiful Things: Strengths

Today I am going to begin a monthly post to ask questions to all of you beautiful people out there.  Yes, you  I am not out here on my own writing to myself so one day I will return and answer myself, but that might be interesting to do in the future. I wonder how my future self would give advice to my old self. I digress, as usual.

So let’s get to the questions.

  1. What do you do each week to try and build into your strengths?
  2. What have you reflected on or been reminded by someone else that you don’t do so well and you thought it was a strength?
  3. As Marcus Buckingham says, how can you start to “tilt the floor towards your strengths” to be the best you?

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How To Help Others In Light of Pain And Struggle


Where does the light meet the darkness? As I look out my window I see the rainbow of colors that meet the darkness. It is not one straight line in the sand. It does not appear to stop abruptly, it melds one into the other. The hazy clouds of darkness blend into the blue and orange hues below.

This is often how loss and love meet. This is often how pain and pleasure meet. This is often how sadness and joy meet. This is often how doubt and faith meet.

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What Does Epiphany Mean To You?


As I gazed upon my calendar right there imprinted on this date was the word epiphany. A quick definition found on Google:A sudden revelation or insight. But why was this word on my calendar? As I read through a deeper explanation found here, some things began to unravel in my mind. Going back replaying moment by moment I thought why does this word warrant a note like a holiday or special event? Then curiosity got me and I was swiftly going from the story online, to Mathew 2:1-12 and then to confirmation that Magi indeed meant wise men. All roads led to Jesus.

Who knew, well I am sure some of you did, that The Twelve Days of Christmas are not before but after Christmas day? Who knew in some traditions they take all their Christmas trees and wreaths down and have a bonfire on the twelfth day?

But the tradition was beloved in old England.
”Twelfth Night was the burning of the greens; you took the Christmas wreaths
down and burned them,” said the Rev. Bill King, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Clanton. ”In the old English tradition you’d have a bonfire on Twelfth Night.”

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5 Ways You Can Start The New Year Off Right With Focus.

Stay Focused

Our focus often is like a series of fireworks. They are loud and prominent but then we get distracted by another colorful loud and prominent boom. The constant dinging of our cell phone or email or instant message distracts us until the hours have swept away. In a world full of interesting blogs, podcasts, videos, TV shows, movies…we never leave room to rest or focus.

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Do you have a drifting mind? Start creating habits.


It’s the week of Christmas and your mind is a mess. Christmas presents and parties. Blogs and videos on planning out your goals and future. Wrapping up the end of year tasks for work and listing out your New Year’s resolutions. Is there anyone else out there that sees a post about 5 ways to stick to your goals for 2016 and runs in the opposite direction?

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It Is Time To Take Action On Your Purpose.


It is easy to feel warm and fuzzy when everything around you is sunshine and flowers but stepping into the unknown is frightening and we often build it up with dark shadows and what we think are unattainable dreams.

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#2—The Importance of Mentors

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

It is 3:22 am and I can’t sleep. Tossing and turning with random thoughts I jump out of bed to scribble them down. You ever notice how this happens at the most inopportune times like when in the shower, while driving or right when you want to be sleeping? We allow our minds to relax.

My mind is jumping all around thinking about the strange significance of my kids’ birthdays to my dad’s passing. My son’s birthday is 2/9/99, my daughter’s 12/27/12 and my dad’s passing 3/2/12. I find it interesting that they all have the number 2. Then I think both kids’ birthdays have doubles. 99 and 12/12.

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Find Your Perfect Fit


You walk into a store ignited with bright lights and rows of beauty and there they are, the perfect shoes. You run over in excitement hoping they have them in your size. You look frantically but come up empty handed. You try the rows on either side just praying someone misplaced them, but no. Then you wander around trying on others aimlessly and in the end settle for second best and end up either returning them later or watching the dust settle on the box in your closet.

While I was online one day a simple ad popped up with a picture of boots that said “Find your shoes”. Simple and to the point and then it hit me we are all just searching for finding the right fit. A perfect fit for your purpose in life, a perfect fit for your job, a perfect fit for your significant other and you could fill this in with what you are seeking.

When we miss out on what we are searching for we often believe our “perfect fit” is gone forever. We spend hours, days, months, years’ looking for a replacement to what we thought was our “perfect fit”.

You don’t have to try on all the other shoes; just walk up to the counter and ask to order your size. Jot down the brand name and research online for another similar place that sells the same shoe. Look around and realize that none of the options in this store fit what you are looking for. Now leave and be patient for another day when the “perfect fit” will show up.

Maybe those shoes you would have pushed for and never gave up on would mean even more when you had to search and search for them. Have your ever searched for a specific toy your child really wanted from Santa? When you find it you nearly jump up and down. That is what happens when we put all the extra effort into searching. Sometimes it is a pain and sometimes we don’t want to be patient but in the end the reward and joy you get from seeing finally what you have been looking for is indescribable.

Perfect Fit Lesson:

  1. Order your size
    1. Don’t give up when you don’t see what you are looking for right away, ask and you never know what the future may hold
  2. Look for your shoes somewhere else
    1. Just because what you want is not where you are doesn’t mean it isn’t somewhere else very near
  3. None of the shoes are right for you
    1. Be patient and wait

Know that there is no perfect fit just the right time and place.

What “perfect fit” are you searching for? Do you need to change stores or just be patient?

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The Crazy Week. How We Organize Our Lives.

Peace Of Mind

Today I am going to talk a little about my crazy week. Like all crazy weeks it is full of things you had to do and left with many you didn’t. This past weekend was my brother’s wedding. Yes I know for them it was much more hectic but for me it really was too, or so I thought.

All the things I should have done like buy tights for my daughter, schedule a hair appointment for my son, get a strapless that actually works, buy a card, get jewelry to wear, make sure my husband and son don’t wait until the last minute to get tux, too late, get something cute for my daughter’s hair and oh somewhere in there normal things like get food, cook, work and laundry. I know I am whining a bit. Up until I fit it all in one day it felt daunting because I had not done it yet.  Thank goodness I took Friday off.

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The art of saying thank you; why we fail and what we can do about it.


The blinking line on my computer is taunting me. I know I want to write about the hard truth but struggle with the words. If you focus long enough, you can hear every ticking clock and sound surrounding you.

Why do I shy away from writing about the truth of my own faults? Maybe it is because people tend to not want others to know and we don’t want to be judged. Guilty as charged.

The other day I spent an hour long car ride talking out loud about my frustrations the things I feel guilty for. Yes I am admitting talking to myself don’t judge me. I know you were not but my inner voice says you might be just a little bit.

So the words of guilt just kept pouring out. Guilty that I don’t spend enough time with my kids, guilty for not seeing my grandparents enough, guilty for not cleaning the house enough, for not cooking enough, for not seeing my friends enough, for not exercising, for not doing more in the community, for not reading the bible more, for not….guilty for being guilty so much.

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