Question Wednesday 1: Strengths

Beautiful Things: Strengths

Today I am going to begin a monthly post to ask questions to all of you beautiful people out there.  Yes, you  I am not out here on my own writing to myself so one day I will return and answer myself, but that might be interesting to do in the future. I wonder how my future self would give advice to my old self. I digress, as usual.

So let’s get to the questions.

  1. What do you do each week to try and build into your strengths?
  2. What have you reflected on or been reminded by someone else that you don’t do so well and you thought it was a strength?
  3. As Marcus Buckingham says, how can you start to “tilt the floor towards your strengths” to be the best you?

It would only be fair if I answered the questions just like everyone else so here goes.

  1. I read blogs, books and watch videos to help further my strengths.
  2. Building into my son’s strengths may not be a strength of mine. I am reminded in times of reflection that I focus a lot on “what isn’t” versus “what is”.
  3. I am going to keep track of what tasks/projects excite me for one week and start applying these approaches to other tasks/projects as much as possible to begin tilting my strengths floor.

This week I met with a friend who runs his own business. I wanted to ask him for some advice on things I was struggling with when it came to making directional steps towards my purpose journey.  It is always a joy to hear what others have to say and the great insight they can provide into something that just cripples me when I begin to think about it. It is funny how things often come full circle with these insights.

Challenge Your Thinking. Think Strengths. was one of the first posts I wrote when launching my blog. Within this post, I referenced a Catalysts 2006 speaker Marcus Buckingham  who spoke on strengths. I often listened to this CD over and over during my drive to meetings because it made such a huge impact on me.

So, full circle, this impact on my journey of life resurfaced through a video my friend shared of Marcus Buckingham. Take some time to check it out below.

The Truth About You

So how does this all tie together? Well, you have heard the saying practice what you preach and  I’m sure it will be no surprise to hear that while I  preached about thinking strengths I then did not practice it.  I could not figure out how “to tilt the floor” to my strengths. I could not figure out the steps to take yet I had referenced them. I needed a “who” to help me. That “who” was my friend who is an experienced coach and consultant for businesses and people. Check him out here if you or your business needs guidance.

So today I will begin tracking what brings me joy. What projects and tasks excite me. What makes me push harder, work harder, propel, thrive and live in the moment of purpose. Then what steps can I take to apply this to everything else.

Please don’t stop here. Share your answers or comments below. Also share this post on your Facebook or Twitter page and get others to share their answers. Engage in conversation and help each other make beautiful things. It is a great song check it out!

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4 thoughts on “Question Wednesday 1: Strengths

    • I love this. Being helpful to others is contagious too. People tend to pass along what others have done for them. Your random act of kindness today was to post a response on my blog. I dont get too many yet so it means the world to me when I do. Thank you.


  1. I did a course that focused on Marcus Buckingham and I took the strength training quiz. Each week I choose a strength that I’m going to use to get me through. I also did the VIA survey so I choose one of the 24 character strengths I think I can use. The VIA survey is free and lists you 24 character strengths in order of dominance. Bringing that intention to my week helps me keep my focus and my joy. This week I’m using my empathy strength and focusing on teamwork 🙂


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