5 Ways You Can Start The New Year Off Right With Focus.

Stay Focused

Our focus often is like a series of fireworks. They are loud and prominent but then we get distracted by another colorful loud and prominent boom. The constant dinging of our cell phone or email or instant message distracts us until the hours have swept away. In a world full of interesting blogs, podcasts, videos, TV shows, movies…we never leave room to rest or focus.

Recently I was reading a post that Michael Hyatt wrote 6 Strategies to Sleep Soundly, Wake Rested, And Accomplish More and wondered why I manage to fail at each and every one of these suggestions: Get Committed, Set an Alarm, Establish a Ritual, Go for a Run, but Not Before Bed, Kill the Lights, Blow off Work.

Well in my mind my day is scheduled and routine. I wake up take my daughter to daycare, go to work, read emails, call customers, pick up my daughter, talk with my family, eat dinner, read through Twitter, Facebook, blogs and then maybe watch some TV in between. Yep sounds like a routine focus to me.

Then I thought back to something I heard on a podcast about roaming aimlessly from one to another but with no particular time frame, schedule or goal in mind.

Oh once again you silly bloggers are right. So I started to think about a program I signed up for in 2016, 30 Days of Hustle. Maybe my hustle really should be scheduling, planning, time management or anything that resembles focus.

First I stumbled across Tomato Timer a time management tool. To avoid too much time on one project try it out. You also can use it to ensure you don’t spend too much time at your computer without stepping away to relax your mind and give your eyes a break.

Next I went back to read through blogs that offer tips on scheduling social media posts. There are a million out there to try but I landed on Hootsuite. I am still figuring it all out but it looks pretty promising. This will allow me to schedule what is needed and then leave time for sharing and liking things in real time when I want to share and like them.

Then I wanted to dedicate time for select areas: reading the bible, reading blogs, commenting on blogs, typing up my blog posts, typing up my “template” Twitter posts, looking through social media feeds and reading emails.

Last I need to put away whatever will distract from the task at hand to maintain better focus. No more Facebook and Twitter up when I am not on that task. No more phone when I go to bed or am working on a project at work. No more random distractions.

Okay, so do you hate me yet? Do you think scheduling these tasks is rather dull? Think about this. Wouldn’t you like to know you created habits that will leave room for spending more quality time on what you enjoy the most with family and friends? Wouldn’t you like to feel a sense of accomplishment each day when you stay focused and complete what you started in the first place? Yes I know it will not always work out but it definitely will not if you don’t give it a try. The rest is up to you and I.

To recap:

  1. Stay focused by signing up for a goal oriented program in 2016. I recommend 30 Days of Hustle by Jon Acuff.
  2. Use a timer to keep you on track like this great tool: Tomato Timer.
  3. Use a social media scheduler tool like Hootsuite.
  4. Schedule time for select areas and leave open time slots for spontaneous fun with family and friends.
  5. And number five…

Do you have any tips on how to stay focused for the New Year?

Share your answer below or share this post on Facebook or Twitter along with your tips. If you have enjoyed my posts please sign up to receive weekly notifications. I look forward to reading your comments.


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