Do you have a drifting mind? Start creating habits.


It’s the week of Christmas and your mind is a mess. Christmas presents and parties. Blogs and videos on planning out your goals and future. Wrapping up the end of year tasks for work and listing out your New Year’s resolutions. Is there anyone else out there that sees a post about 5 ways to stick to your goals for 2016 and runs in the opposite direction?

Well, this was me. Each time I read these words on WordPress or Twitter I wanted to scream. I filed them away after a brief read or I just hit the delete button. Why must everyone write about the same thing and swarm my inbox with this nonsense?

Then while on Twitter aimlessly reading I stumbled upon How to Speed Up Your Social Media Content Production. Then it was Michael Hyatt’s Tweet asking others about their 2016 book reading list. What do these have in common? Well, one was about scheduling and the other about making a list for the New Year.

Maybe just maybe I hate the posts on planning for New Year’s goals and the idea of scheduling because I have yet to do it. I don’t know where to begin so I will read over and over on how you should do it and never actually take a step. Maybe I thought I was a planner when in fact I have turned into a mix of both a free spirit and a planner considering one of my last posts: The Crazy Week…

Insanity Quote

Interesting enough you have to repeat things over and over again to create a habit but it must be different, it must be the right thing to repeat, to get the result you’re seeking.

So what to do? I got out a book I consider a must read, H3 Leadership by Brad Lomenick and began reading the very first chapter 0. I am not even in chapter 1. Start fresh.

Then there right in front of my face Lomenick’s words came to life.


Why do I feel stressed at Christmas? I don’t plan for it. Why do I feel stressed at family parties? I don’t plan for them. Why do I feel stressed about planning for the future year? I don’t plan for it. Why do I aimlessly wander on Twitter and Facebook? I don’t plan time for it. Why do I fail at planning? I don’t create habits. I create one off plans over and over.

So how do we create habits? First we have to begin doing something different, and then we do it a million times over again and consistently for a period of time until it becomes a habit. I don’t feel there is a magic number of hours or days that create a habit. It all depends on the habit we are trying to create.

So here goes. I am going to share some I would like to create and hopefully, everyone out there will hold me accountable.

  1. Plan for Christmas.
    1. Put a date on my calendar to request gift idea lists 2 months before Christmas and then make sure to get them by no later than 1 month before. Make this a schedule for each year. Pick a day that is easy to remember.
    2. Put a budget down for Christmas for each person 2 months before Christmas.
    3. Put all family parties that are scheduled on my calendar.
    4. Plan out what I am going to bring to each of them (presents, cards, food)           2 weeks prior to each.
  2. Make it a habit to set goals and deadlines each year and follow up on them each month.
    1. First make some goals this year and then put on my calendar.
    2. Going forward pick a date to set goals for the next year on my calendar, at least, a month before the New Year.
  3. Schedule time for social media, podcasts and blogs.
    1. I know I know this sounds painful to actually schedule social media time but I am one of those people that could wander from podcast to podcast and blog to blog and post to post and soon it is 4 hours later.

Well, it is down on paper, well virtually anyway, now it is time to step.

How do you create habits? Who do you look to for help in keeping you on track? Would you be interested in a group that holds each other accountable for creating good habits?

Share your answer below or on social media. If you have enjoyed my posts please follow, share with others, comment below and sign up to receive weekly notifications. I look forward to reading your comments.



5 thoughts on “Do you have a drifting mind? Start creating habits.

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  2. Hi Kandace! How did your Plan for Christmas go? Were you able to stick to the plan? Although I am a professional organizer, I also struggle with sticking with routines and can get lost in the sea of the web. An accountability group sounds wonderful to me! Where do I sign up? 🙂


    • I will be starting fresh this year. I am putting real dates, deadlines and reminders to keep me on track. As for an accountability group you gave me a great idea. This may turn into one of my main goals this year. Still unfamiliar with how to go about it but thank you for the push. Maybe we could start with being each others accountability partners. Sending each other our goals and deadlines and check in with each other once a week.

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