It Is Time To Take Action On Your Purpose.


It is easy to feel warm and fuzzy when everything around you is sunshine and flowers but stepping into the unknown is frightening and we often build it up with dark shadows and what we think are unattainable dreams.

Recently I picked up the bible and decided to start reading the book of Revelations. I struggle with nightmares and the sheer thought of reading something that describes imagery in such detail and is about the end of days pretty much managed to provide an excuse for me to not read it until I knew it was time.

I knew I couldn’t hide from the frightening just because I wanted to remain in the field of sunflowers.

There could be great teachings I am missing out on. There could be great purpose and understanding in those chapters. This is like reading an entire book and not finishing the last chapter. Why put all that effort in if you don’t take the final step?

Then as I read I stopped on Revelation  2: 4-5. While reading through the explanation summary in my study bible it asked: “Do you have knowledge without enthusiasm?” I pondered on this for a bit and thought of what my husband had just said to me last night.

After pulling him in to listen to another one of my ideas after restless sleep…

Me: Honey why don’t you get excited when I talk to you about my ideas? Why are you not really listening? Why are you not supporting me?

Him: Honey your ideas are all great but at some point the excitement is gone and you realize you just need to act on one of them. So do something about it.

Your purpose and direction is often revealed to you over and over once you put your faith in God, but if you only thrive on the ideas and never take action slowly the enthusiasm for each will fade. The ideas will dwindle and you will be left with many books and theories on how to do things and an invisible road map. The lamp will be removed for you to see. simply states:

Your works were motivated by intense love and devotion to the Lord. Compare your love for the Lord today with what it was then. Has your love grown deeper or has it lost its fervency? Are your works motivated by a passionate love for God or are you doing them merely out of a sense of duty? 

Do you spend your days reading books and listening to podcasts and webinars with no action? Do you wake up with ideas that go into a notebook full of erasable ink because they go nowhere? Maybe it time for us all to take action.

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