#2—The Importance of Mentors

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

It is 3:22 am and I can’t sleep. Tossing and turning with random thoughts I jump out of bed to scribble them down. You ever notice how this happens at the most inopportune times like when in the shower, while driving or right when you want to be sleeping? We allow our minds to relax.

My mind is jumping all around thinking about the strange significance of my kids’ birthdays to my dad’s passing. My son’s birthday is 2/9/99, my daughter’s 12/27/12 and my dad’s passing 3/2/12. I find it interesting that they all have the number 2. Then I think both kids’ birthdays have doubles. 99 and 12/12.

What propels our minds to go off on these tangents I don’t know but after more wandering and thinking about how I miss my dad I landed on the idea of mentors and role models somewhere around 4:30 am. Mentors are VERY important. You tend to accomplish more with 2. So there lies my tie back to the 2’s and the doubles again.

Recently I read through my sons education development plan (EDP), yep I feel old now, and saw he commented on a guy who impacted him who is a leather guitar strap maker. I had never heard the story, so I asked more about him. He had met him at guitar lessons one day. Our conversation led into how guitar lessons influenced him much more than just learning music. He had a teacher there who played older music like my dad used to, he talked about music theory, and he met talented people who shared their stories and passions with pursuing a purposeful life.

This led to conversations on college and purpose. I wanted to make sure my son knew that pursuing your passion is just as important as pursuing a full time good paying job. I wanted him to know that just because he doesn’t know everything now doesn’t mean he can’t learn more in the areas he prefers over choosing the only option his EDP pointed to.

These were never things I considered at his age. I wanted to get good grades, go to college and get a job in a field I selected. Then I wanted to be promoted and get raises. Okay I know who doesn’t want those things but somewhere along the way I lost my passion. I lost my red rubber ball. Check it out here if you’re curious.Here I go digressing again.

My point is get out there and find a mentor, someone to help keep you on track. Make sure your children have mentors outside of your own family.  Encourage others to be mentors. There are a million webinars, blogs, and podcasts telling you ways to do this. If you just open your eyes you will see mentors are everywhere. They are in the leather maker who tells you his life’s journey or in your father’s genuine love for his family or the church youth leader. You find it in people older than you and in the people younger. Mentors encourage us to chase our dreams and they try to teach us their life lessons along the way. Mentors help keep us on track.

Mentors don’t give us the feedback we want they give us the feedback we need.

Last digression, my dad’s birthday: 1/27/55. 2 and doubles.

Who is your #2? Keep in mind they may change many times in your life.  Do you know if your children have mentors? Do you have a red rubber ball?

Share your answer below or on social media. If you have enjoyed my posts please follow, share with others and sign up to receive weekly notifications. I look forward to reading your comments.



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