Find Your Perfect Fit


You walk into a store ignited with bright lights and rows of beauty and there they are, the perfect shoes. You run over in excitement hoping they have them in your size. You look frantically but come up empty handed. You try the rows on either side just praying someone misplaced them, but no. Then you wander around trying on others aimlessly and in the end settle for second best and end up either returning them later or watching the dust settle on the box in your closet.

While I was online one day a simple ad popped up with a picture of boots that said “Find your shoes”. Simple and to the point and then it hit me we are all just searching for finding the right fit. A perfect fit for your purpose in life, a perfect fit for your job, a perfect fit for your significant other and you could fill this in with what you are seeking.

When we miss out on what we are searching for we often believe our “perfect fit” is gone forever. We spend hours, days, months, years’ looking for a replacement to what we thought was our “perfect fit”.

You don’t have to try on all the other shoes; just walk up to the counter and ask to order your size. Jot down the brand name and research online for another similar place that sells the same shoe. Look around and realize that none of the options in this store fit what you are looking for. Now leave and be patient for another day when the “perfect fit” will show up.

Maybe those shoes you would have pushed for and never gave up on would mean even more when you had to search and search for them. Have your ever searched for a specific toy your child really wanted from Santa? When you find it you nearly jump up and down. That is what happens when we put all the extra effort into searching. Sometimes it is a pain and sometimes we don’t want to be patient but in the end the reward and joy you get from seeing finally what you have been looking for is indescribable.

Perfect Fit Lesson:

  1. Order your size
    1. Don’t give up when you don’t see what you are looking for right away, ask and you never know what the future may hold
  2. Look for your shoes somewhere else
    1. Just because what you want is not where you are doesn’t mean it isn’t somewhere else very near
  3. None of the shoes are right for you
    1. Be patient and wait

Know that there is no perfect fit just the right time and place.

What “perfect fit” are you searching for? Do you need to change stores or just be patient?

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