The Crazy Week. How We Organize Our Lives.

Peace Of Mind

Today I am going to talk a little about my crazy week. Like all crazy weeks it is full of things you had to do and left with many you didn’t. This past weekend was my brother’s wedding. Yes I know for them it was much more hectic but for me it really was too, or so I thought.

All the things I should have done like buy tights for my daughter, schedule a hair appointment for my son, get a strapless that actually works, buy a card, get jewelry to wear, make sure my husband and son don’t wait until the last minute to get tux, too late, get something cute for my daughter’s hair and oh somewhere in there normal things like get food, cook, work and laundry. I know I am whining a bit. Up until I fit it all in one day it felt daunting because I had not done it yet.  Thank goodness I took Friday off.

You know what is funny all those things we worry about, once you actually get out there and do them, yeah they take some time, but it can be accomplished in one day prior to what my brain told me in the morning when I started worrying I couldn’t do it all before going to rehearsal. We tend to let our minds psych us out a lot.

I thrive on the hectic these days. I was always the girl who crammed for the test the night before but I usually stuck to my to-do-list. I was the girl who found all kinds of research on a project but didn’t write it until the night before but I at least started the task. I am a project deadline gal not a do it ahead of time girl. For some the panic of having to do it all in one day is too much. For me trying to get one thing done a day never happens. It just sits there on the to-do-list until it is big enough to get me going.

There are millions of people out there telling us how to stay organized but you need to keep in mind it depends on the person you are too. If you are a planner, plan away; if you are a last minute gal then plan a little, because you need a little planning, then cram the rest all in one day. It will be hectic but if you love it that way it will also get your heart pumping again.

A few things to consider:

  1. Think about how you tend to approach things.
    1. Do they usually work out or should you consider changing it up?
    2. Is there a pattern and should you keep it that way?
  2. Are you trying to live up to how others do things?
    1. If it works for you don’t fix it, their way is not always better.
    2. Just because an expert says to do it one way doesn’t mean you have to.
    3. If an expert says to try it and your way isn’t working try it.
  3. Remember to breath.
    1. If the task seems too big break it down.
    2. Walk away for a minute and then start plugging away at what needs to be done and magically it will happen if you put your mind to it.
    3. Enjoy the mess if your personality allows.
    4. If the thought of running around like a crazy person frightens you try planning more next time or enlist the help of others to motivate you.

And for those of you who are curious my brother’s wedding was beautiful, awesome, wonderful, fun, emotional… I am so lucky to have a loving brother and now a sister-in-law who is a perfect match to go along with the package.

How do you approach your to-do-list? Are you a planner, free spirit or a mix of both? What gets your blood pumping and mind motivated?

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