What Makes You Happy?

Box Robot

You see the box sitting there in front of your door and are thankful it didn’t rain. Remember the good ole days when you signed for every piece of mail larger than your mailbox or the nice little note that told you to come pick it up? I digress. Yes I know I could just check the little box that says I have to sign for my package but knowing me I wouldn’t be there to actually get it.

When you see this box with excitement what is in your package? What gets your blood pumping and your heart pounding? This week in my small group we were listing to the Happy Series by Andy Stanley and one of the first questions was “What makes you happy?” and the answer “no thing”. This is true but it sure does make you happy for a moment.

Then I stopped and thought is it the book inside that makes me happy or the writer? Do I enjoy books that are not good? Do I enjoy books by authors I don’t really like? Then it brought me back to what Andy Stanley said, it is not the “what” it is the “who”. He also talks about having peace with yourself, peace with others and peace with God.

Could my happiness be from peace with myself by reading books that help develop me? Could my happiness with reading books on parenting help me be at peace with others? Could growing into who God wants me to be help me be at peace with God?

Am I saying go out and buy a bunch of things and try to tie them back to how they bring you peace and happiness to convince yourself it is okay to own a ton of stuff? No what I am saying is take inventory of what you have and think about why it makes you happy. Take inventory and maybe even clean out the closets at the same time. Do I need every single book I have ever read before? No probable not. Could I give those away to others to help them? Yes for sure.

So back to my original story. Inside that wonderful brown box was a book by Brian Houston called Live Love Lead. I discovered this book while at the Global Leadership Conference this year and couldn’t wait to read it. One because it is written by Brian Houston and two it was called Live Love Lead. On my list when brainstorming names for my blog was Live It Love It Lead It. Yep that is my current blog name now. I tried one before this simply because I thought others might think this name stemmed from the book I had just heard about. My insecurity got the best of me. That is another blog all together. I eventually went back to my original title once I came to my senses.

So what do you ask should you take away from all my ramblings?

  1. First watch the Happy Series by Andy Stanley it truly is great!
  2. Take inventory of your life and your stuff.
  3. Think hard about what makes you happy and what makes your family happy? Is it the “what” or is it the “who”?
  4. Give yourself permission to not feel guilty when you do buy things? Just make sure it is for the right reason.

This one is huge for me. I should learn to practice what I preach. Yep I told the story of my socks with holes in them to my small group because they rock and understand me completely. I digress again.

  1. If you love to develop leadership and love to read come to the Global Leadership Conference next year. If you live in my area come join me at New Covenant Church in Clio, MI. When you register just scroll down to find us.

One last thing if we are being completely vulnerable. I almost didn’t post this blog because I didn’t want others to think all I was doing was giving plugs to other people. Don’t judge me. When I began writing this blog post it was going to be about great books I have read and my most recent book. Apparently my mind was being led elsewhere.

What makes you happy? Are you at peace with yourself, others and God?

Share your answer below or on social media. If you have enjoyed my posts please follow and sign up to receive weekly notifications. I look forward to reading your comments.


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