The Stories You Hear While Getting Your Oil Changed


Everyone gets their oil changed but how many of us put our phones down while sitting in the waiting area of the dealership? This is me sitting there staring around at my surroundings and checking out what others are doing. Maybe this all started in college when one of my professors tasked us with doing just this to observe others. Who knows maybe I am just odd.

It never fails there is always one other odd person sitting there doing the same thing and you know what at some point you even begin to talk to each other. Children for those of you, who are unsure of this word it is when you look someone in the eye, open your mouth and words come out instead of texts from your fingers. Kidding around aside we all fall into this trap in this day and age.

Keep in mind there is about a 1 in 3 chance of this biting you in the butt. This time I got the guy who started his stories with work and then somehow led into his theories on the end of the world and government. Yep I walked right into a trap. But like a nice person that my grandmother taught me to be I listened and nodded and then eventually like a honest person my mother taught me to be I started to debate his theories. Then as a bold person, aka say whatever comes to mind kind of gal, I just stated sir I think maybe you spend too much time on the internet. In a joking but serious face kind of moment of course. He then replied with yes I probably do.

The point of the story is I listened. I let him tell his story. I observed everything from his background in work, where he was in his life, what had happened with his family and then tried to figure out how in the world he ended up so misdirected with the stories he read online. I didn’t automatically pin point him as a crazy person like some may have. He had a story and everyone has a story. Our current situation, our culture, our family all plays a role in how we view the world.

This man was retired, feeling lost after struggling with cancer and losing his recent job and feeling alone since he spent most of his time on the computer researching all the bad things in the world. Would I have figured all that out if the only comment he made was about the end of the world randomly? Nope I took just an hour to put my phone down and listen. Believe me sometimes this is hard. I am not a good listener most of the time; you can ask anyone trying to carry on a conversation with me. It can take patience and understanding when hearing all the odd things people will actually tell you. But in the end you are wiser and hopefully they don’t feel as lost as they did when they walked in to get their oil changed.

Oh and by the way everyone knew him at the dealership by name and they knew he most likely told me some stories but they just noted how he had kind of lost it. Maybe all this time he just needed someone to listen and be honest. Maybe they just needed their oil changed.

Do you ever put your phone down and start up conversations while waiting? Do you draw conclusions about people based on one comment they make to you without thinking about their influence of this thought?

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