Is Your Super Power First Impressions? How to use it in the workforce.

Super Power LunchBox

Adapted: flickr. Lunch Box by Scott Rubin.

Ever sit around a bonfire with people you have just met and try to figure everyone out? This is exhilarating for some and painful for others. It may feel somewhat like a date, fear and excitement.

You ask questions like:

Where are you from?

What do you do for a living?

Do you have children?

How long have you lived in…?

Or maybe you just observe their facial expressions or how they interact with others.And as the night progresses you can’t believe how quickly you have grown to know these strangers around your bonfire.

Do you find yourself placing people into various categories? Who is introverted, who is extroverted, who might be good at certain tasks, who seems ambitious, who is a great mother or father and on and on.

No you say this is not what you do, well then maybe I am just weird. Well if not please feel free to check out other blog posts of mine that may interest you like top ten ways to give your mind a break.

So now fast forward many years later as you sit around that same bonfire reminiscing about the first day each of you met and remember all that occurred since those days. Were many of your first impressions correct? Why do you think for some they usually are?

There sure are mixed reviews out there on whether first impressions are accurate but I would have to agree with an article I read that talks about how you must possess both intuition and logic. In the article How Important is Your First Impression Really? Kristi Hedges concludes if you can pull in both your intuition with emotion and tie in your logic and reasoning your first impressions most of the time are accurate.

Some may be gifted with this while others fail miserably. Until you realize this is a gift you may not even think of it as one.

How can you apply this new found gift you ask? Well definitely do not push your assumptions on others. Often times we think out loud and sometimes people even believe us. Well that’s okay if you always want people taking your opinion but make sure to give room for them to figure things out too.

So where can we apply it? In work situations this can really come in handy. Do you find that others come to you to ask such things? Are you often the one providing this insight to leadership without even knowing you are? Do you use this to help with project assignments and task delegation?

Gifts are there for a purpose. They are meant to be used for good not evil. Don’t use them to put people into a negative category, use your super powers to put them in a role that fits them best. Build on your first impression and most importantly reassess as you get to know them more. First impressions may be a piece of the puzzle but there is so much more to see when you fit it all together.

What do you think about first impressions? Do you believe it is possible to evaluate so quickly? If you are good at it consider this a valuable gift. If you are not don’t be concerned you have many others gifts that you contribute to this world.

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9 thoughts on “Is Your Super Power First Impressions? How to use it in the workforce.

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