Mood Swings. 11 Things to try when they strike.

Image by Mike Carbonaro, flickr

If you want to meet someone who can go from screaming mad to normal in five minutes well then you have come to the right place. When my Inside Out emotions take over look out people! That movie is great by the way if you haven’t seen it check it out. So does this all sound familiar? Yes you say well we all have them, the evil mood swings.

When we are angry, frustrated, tired, sick or just plain down in the dumps everything we wish to accomplish just vanishes away. This is why it is very important to take time out. There are many ways to do this but for a few ideas I hope you will check out my Napkin Thoughts post.

But what about those times when it is not just a break we need; it is more of a disappearing act.  We still have to get up and do our jobs. We still have to take care of sick kids even when we want to be taken care of. We close our eyes and pretend the mood swings we are currently experiencing will go away or at least those annoying us will.

We all see those pictures of crabby women in robes with their coffee cup in hand and know exactly what everyone is in for. By the way why are they always crabby women? Don’t pretend we don’t ever encounter moody men. They are out there hiding in their football games and bathroom breaks. Yep I said it bathrooms are a hiding spot for men just like women resort to blankets and darkness.

So in times like these what should we do? Well many people would say get up and look in the mirror and tell yourself it is going to be a good day. Many would say smile until the smile becomes real. We tell ourselves we will not complain or grumble or hide. But of course we do. We are in fact human.

So here are my two cents on what I do or at least attempt to do.

  1. Pray about it. Yes I know this is kind of like looking in the mirror and saying it is going to be a good day or smiling when you can’t, but believe me asking for strength from God turns out a lot better than relying on your own will power.
  2. Do only what is necessary.
  3. Stay away from interaction with people if you can.
  4. Give yourself some grace and know that it will pass.
  5. Be honest and just tell others.
  6. Only work on the mundane tasks and keep ear buds in so others know it is not the time to talk to you.
  7. Do not make any big decisions.
  8. Definitely do not be the one to speak up on a topic in a meeting.
  9. Do not go hang out with a group or friends or family members.
  10. Do not use this time to have a conflicting conversation with your significant other or child.
  11. Do not post on Facebook, Twitter, send texts or call anyone.

And last by not least remember all these things when you see someone up against the evil mood swing bandit.

What do you do when the evil mood swing bandit takes over? Tell me so I can add to my list of how to avoid putting family members in a mood because I am in a mood list.

Share your answer below or on social media.


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