Napkin Thoughts That Inspire You.


Do you ever wish you could write while closing your eyes?

Well in this day and age you could by speaking into some contraption I’m sure but then you would lose the silence of it all. If you are like me all your good thoughts come while driving a car. Not that I am saying you should close your eyes while driving. I suggest turning down the radio. Rolling down the window. Listening to your breathing and the sounds all around you. Maybe you prefer listening to the silence. Just the sound of your mind jumping from one topic to another can inspire ideas. Yes I know that is not a sound but you can almost hear your mind shift can’t you?

What do you do with all these random thoughts? Well if you are in your car and find no paper inside do what I did. Jot them down on a napkin. It is funny how just when you know you need a break something appears to give you one. The all famous rest area sign that reminds you of the many times your family has stopped here.

Now close your eyes and roll the window down. Breathe deep and listen to the sounds of nature and cars. Now roll the window up and close your eyes again as all other noises disappear but the one you focus on. The sound of a semi-truck running across from you. You focus on the sound because it relaxes your mind. It is then you wish you could write while closing your eyes. For some the sound of a semi-truck may not be soothing so focus on your sound. For me my dad was a truck driver and the smell of diesel and running trucks gets me every time.

We all need a break. A breath. A time to think. Often we don’t give this to ourselves. If I have one thing I have learned the older I get it is that your mind can really fill up fast. With kids and work and responsibility you have a lot going on up there. If people are not afforded a time to breath they will never get a chance to jot down their napkin thoughts. They won’t take a moment to breathe in the diesel smell or listen to the truck running. They won’t get to relax and remember. They won’t get to think.

Here are some great ways to give your mind a break and allow the thoughts to form into a bigger story. Sometimes what you get out of this time is much more than what you would spending hours diligently working.

  1. Read the bible.
    • Much clarity comes through reflection.
  2. Turn off the radio while driving.
    • This works best on longer trips because it usually takes a little while for your mind to grasp having all this silence.
  3. Go outside and take a break.
    • You don’t have to be a smoker to sit at the picnic table in the sun while at work.
  4. Consider a silent retreat.
    • Yes I know scary for people who love being around people but if I am considering it then I am sure you will be safe.
  5. Sit on a beach, close your eyes and just listen.
    • Try to find one that is not over populated.
  6. Go for a walk alone.
  7. Hit baseballs or golf balls or whatever other balls you like to hit.
    • This can be both relaxing and freeing for letting frustrations out.
  8. Stare at the stars.
  9. Sit alone at a bonfire.
  10. Listen to relaxing music.

And if your life still has no room for any of this, stop at a rest area on your way home, close your eyes and open your mind.

What things do you do to give your mind a break and spur napkin thoughts and inspiration? Share your answer below or on social media.


2 thoughts on “Napkin Thoughts That Inspire You.

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